Questions about Wallpapers

Your site seems to be aimed at a younger generation. What if I’m looking for my favorite crooner from the 1940s or something that’s more appealing to older people?

Trending topics do tend to generate more interest than things that were trending a hundred years ago. That said, we constantly add new collections and are hoping your grandma will fall in love with our site! Check out this awesome collections on Steampunk wallpapers on

Your site seems to cater to U.S.-based users. Can I expect more international content in the future?

We’re all about being international! While the U.S. tends to carry a lot of weight in terms of trend-setting, musically and otherwise, we’re always looking to add collections dedicated to other cities, countries, and languages.

Will your site ever evolve to be more of a social network, like with comments and voting on the best wallpapers?

It’s possible! Right now we’re busy trying to gather the best wallpapers ever and to organize them into coherent and appealing collections. We’d rather do a few things well than do many things half-way, you know?

Will a desktop wallpaper affect the performance of my device?

Will drinking clean water and eating a balanced diet change the performance of your body? Only in a good way, right? Apply this answer to desktop images and there you have it. They won’t slow your gadget down and they could possibly speed up your productivity by enhancing your determination, focus and perseverance.

Is there any limit to how many wallpapers I can get from your site?

Is there any limit to your potential to do spectacular things in life? No, not at all. If you’re feeling a little down and limited, you need to change your attitude and your wallpaper! Get as many as you want.