There are so many awesome images on your site. Is it possible to have a rotating slideshow of several wallpapers?

Awwwwww, shucks, we’re blushing! And yes, on most computers it is possible. To give you a couple of tips, on Windows the slideshow option is in Settings under Personalization. On a Mac, go into your Preferences, look under Desktop and Screensaver and click the box next to Change Picture. Now you can choose how often: if you choose “every 30 minutes,” that’s kind of a slow slideshow, but if you choose “every 5 seconds,” now you're cookin’ with gas. Here you may find an instruction for iPhone.

Are these stunning images going to reduce my computer’s speed to that of a glacier?

Definitely not. Your computer will continue to hum along happily, connecting you with all sorts of the latest news, time-wasting but hilarious memes, and other ways to avoid leaving your house. Check out more information on wallpapercosmos.com.

Is your site fairly static or will it be updated frequently?

There's nothing static about us! We zoom around like little worker bees all day long, putting together new collections in response to trending topics and important events.

I looked through a zillion collections and was disappointed that I couldn't find one about my favorite band/actor/endangered species. Our apologies! Drop us a line, let us know what you're looking for and we’ll add it to our list of potential collections.